Photoshop of Horrors

October 31, 2010 § 1 Comment

What this blog is supposed to be am not quite sure of, I am a failed blogger for the most part but am wonderful when it comes to Twitter (@mumbaicentral) so I suppose if I ever find the need to post something more profound than can be expressed in 140 characters, or something that needs to be preserved (don’t ask me why) I can come here and find my place.

I spent the first weekend of my Diwali break on, and I loved their “photoshopofhorrors” tagged entries. I don’t want to get into the debate about body image and the responsibility upon celebrities (really?) yada yada yada, I just found the entire thing quite amusing.

Now I would think that photoshop is not that important on Indian magazine covers because we are so much more accepting of “fuller” female figures, (well, at least before Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha and all other women who claim to have lost some 30 kgs thanks to “eating right” and “yoga” came along) but a quick google image search proved me wrong. Thankfully.

Image courtesy

This is Gauri Khan. She isn’t the prettiest of them all, neither is she the fairest, in fact, on most days she would be on red alert on the Celebrity Tanorexia Watch Terror Chart. But I’m okay with that. She’s a single mother for most of the time, film producer, and she has to deal with wild stories about her Husband’s bisexuality on a regular basis. Am not much of an SRK fan, but I admire Gauri Khan. She holds her own as an otherwise non-celeb married to one of the most famous men in India right now, which all goes to compound why I do not understand this at all:

Image courtesy

Skinny arms, skinny legs, the very otherwise prominent cheekbones having receded miraculously, and above all: Holy Fair & Lovely, Batman!

I suppose that Vogue thought they could get away with a lot of things after their inaugural edition in India:

Image courtesy:

Yeah, I know, what’s the token white girl doing there, besides making Bipasha and Priyanka look darker than they should? I’m more distracted however by Laxmi Menon’s (far right) arm, which is of almost uniform thickness and seemingly unending as it wraps itself around Preity’s waist – which is useful considering Preity’s other arm has vanished. I wish the magic arm could have helped Preity’s cleavage because there is some weird stuff going on there.

Have you seen any real bad photoshop jobs done lately? Write in!

PS “photoshop of horrors” is and always will be a original, but it’s too awesome a tag to not copy 🙂


§ One Response to Photoshop of Horrors

  • Christina says:

    Btw, what you refer to as prominent cheekbones are actually cheek implants that most indian models / actress get done to have a more desirable apple shaped face…
    Aish had them too…

    So even the other shot is not really the real Gauri…

    Which begs the question- what is better- going under the knife to look good or using plain old photoshop?

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